Amigos MSC

The mission of Amigos Multicultural Services Center is to promote respect for human rights and to advocate for the needs of immigrants from Latin America whose dignity and capabilities have been challenged by poverty, unjust treatment, and social exclusion.



MECHA - UO Chapter

The student union originated with an organization started by Chicanos and Latinos in 1964, known as the Chicano Student Union. The union took on the MEChA identity, five years later, at the Santa Barbara Conference, as an attempt to unify with other Chicano student unions along the West coast. Now there are about 300 MEChA Chapters in existence nationwide. The state of Oregon composes our region or Aztlan del Noroeste, formally known as Mictlampa Cihuatlampa.

L.U.S. Latinos Unidos Siempre

LUS came about in 96’ as a response to civil injustice. Formed by Latino youth who believed in social equality, that every human deserved rights. Find them on facebook and follow all their activities.

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